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Chinmayi / चिन्मयी

Chinmayi is a Character and Voicebank for the Singing Synthesis Program, UTAU. Chinmayi is a masculine vocal that can sing in several tonal colors, or just tones. He has multiple voicebanks in multiple languages.

His first Voicebank will be under the name "Chinmayi_Sunyata" which will be a 14 pitch Multi-Expression Japanese VCV, CVVC and CVV voicebank.

Character and Details

Chinmayi has always struggled with themselves, never really understanding the world around them and attempting to always learn more about it. With this, he believed something about him was different, whether it be negatively or positively. It just so happens one day he came in contact with something special, something that did change their life in an interesting way. A tiny capsule of Golden Light.

Chinmayi is a Non-Binary person born in Sri Lanka, they go by He/They Pronouns and is very casual about their Gender Identity. He likes to talk about random facts of thinks he likes and enjoys.

They enjoy things such as:

Basic Character Information:

Megami Himitsuno / 秘密の 女神

Megami Himitsuno is a feminine Voicebank for the Vocal Synthesizer Program, UTAU. She's not like the usual characters as she is based in the Universe of Fromsoftware's 'Bloodborne' Video Game. She has Voicebanks in Multiple Languages and formats.

Character and Details

Megami is a Woman born in the Eastern Mountains, far away from the Yharnam country. However, due to a mysterious disease, she seeks out Yharnam and its Blood Healing in order to find a cure. While not available at the moment, she is told that it'd be best for her to stay in Yharnam so that when it is created, she will not have to wait. Due to this, Megami joins Gehrman's Hunters and begins Beast Hunting so that she can do something while her disease is cured.

Megami will have mini-stories detailing her Lore, if you're interested. They'll be posted below once they come out. It's suggested that you understand the basic lore of the Video Game to really understand the stories. But, it is not required:

Pithikos / Πίθηκος

Pithikos is an Androgynous Voicebank for the Vocal Synthesizer Program, UTAU. They are a Furry or Anthropromorphic Monkey. They have Voicebanks in Multiple Languages and formats.